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Located just around the corner from the Ossington TTC subway station, Centro Optical offers a range of friendly and professional optical services. We take pride in our variety and ability to provide quality eyewear best suited to your needs and lifestyle.

EYEGLASSES: Everyday wear, brand names and sunglasses -- we carry them all! Take a look at our galleries or visit our supplier sites to see a sample of some of the frames we carry. Just take note of the model number, colour and size of the glasses that interest you and give us a call for availability. 

CONTACT LENS & EYE EXAMS: We can get any contact lens available world wide! Our certified examiner comes into the store once a week, so book an appointment and see us today!

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Of the five senses - sight, sound, smell, touch and taste - the brain relies first and foremost on sight to provide essential information. The ability of the brain to assess and evaluate situations, determine courses of action and debate the risks associated with specific courses of action are determined, in part, by its ability to understand the images transferred from the eye. Only Opticians, Optometrists and Ophthalmologists have the necessary knowledge, skill, judgment, and accountability to dispense eyewear safely and competently.


Beyond any doubt, poorly dispensed eyewear can be detrimental to your vision. It is critical that patients deal only with regulated eye care professionals who will ensure that their eyes, and their vision, remain healthy and protected.

STORE INFORMATION: More info about our store, hours of operation, detailed directions on how to find and contact us. Still unsure about something? Please don't hesitate to give us a call at 1-416-535-0353 or e-mail centrooptical@rogers.com